Florida Drupalcamp 2015
Parent Track: 
Development & Performance


In this session we will learn about BOA, an all-in-one bash scripts to install and upgrade high performance Aegir Hosting Systems for Drupal, with Nginx, PHP-FPM, Zend OPcache, MariaDB and Redis. We will see how easy it is to get installed and launch a Drupal platform. BOA will give us the ability to launch separated "Octopus" environments that are self contained from each other, to keep sites and clients separated and secure. Within each environment we will learn how to manage different Drupal distributions and platforms. We will then learn how to create and manage the sites that run on those platforms. We will also learn how to leverage tools like CloudFlare, DataDogHQ, NewRelic, PagerDuty, Central Logging, and Digital Ocean / Linode for a stellar high performance web stack.

Features of BOA

  • Latest release of MariaDB 5.5 or 10.0 database server with Chive manager.
  • Latest version of Nginx web server.
  • PHP-FPM 5.6 - 5.3 - multi-install mode
  • PHP extensions: Zend OPcache, PHPRedis, UploadProgress, MailParse and ionCube.
  • Fast Redis Cache & Lock support with DB auto-failover
  • Fast proxy DNS server (pdnsd) with permanent caching.
  • Limited Shell, SFTP and FTPS separate accounts per Octopus instance and individual client access per site.
  • Drush access on command line in all shell accounts.
  • Support for New Relic monitoring with per Octopus instance.
  • Solr 4 cores can be added/updated/deleted via site level configuration.
  • HTTPS access with self-signed certificate for all hosted sites.
  • Magic Speed Booster cache, working like a Boost + AuthCache, but per user.
  • Entry level XSS built-in protection on the Nginx level.
  • Firewall csf/lfd integrated with Nginx abuse guard
  • PHP errors debugging, including WSOD, enabled on the fly on dev. aliases
  • Boost, AdvAgg, Domain Access and Drupal for Facebook built-in support.
  • Built-in collection of useful modules available in all platforms
  • Autonomous Maintenance & Auto-Healing scripts in /var/xdrago
  • Every 10 seconds uptime/self-healing local monitoring.
  • Automated, rotated daily backups for all databases in /data/disk/arch/sql
  • Compass Tools
  • SPDY Nginx support.
  • PFS (Perfect Forward Secrecy) support in Nginx.
  • HHVM support - see docs/HHVM.txt for details
  • MultiCore Apache Solr 1.4.1 with Jetty 7, Solr 3.6.2 with Jetty 8, or 4.2.0 with Jetty 8 or Jetty 9
  • Image Optimize toolkit binaries.
  • FFmpeg support.
  • Bind9 DNS server.
  • Webmin Control Panel.
  • SQL Buddy database manager.
  • Collectd server monitor.
  • LDAP Nginx support via third-party module (experimental).
  • MongoDB driver for PHP 5.3 (experimental).
  • GEOS extension for PHP 5.3 (experimental).