Florida Drupalcamp 2015
Parent Track: 
Development & Performance

Session Description
Heard good things about Search API but haven’t had time to set it up?
Want a tour of all the power and possibilities Search API can provide for your sites?
Search API module provides a powerful framework that lets you integrate your site with search backends likeApacheSolr and build out searchable interfaces of any Drupal entity with Views.
Want a fully searchable user directory, a faceted sitewidesearch, or search-based related content panes? These can all be built with Views.
I’ll walk you through setting up and introduce you to the tools at the beginning of the session. Then we’ll build Views with Search API, and add and configure facets with Facet API.
We’ll use drush to work with with the search index. Finally we’ll look at how you can improve search results relevancy and add custom fields to the index with a custom module.

Who Will Gain The Most From This Session?
Drupal site builders and developers who use Solr on Pantheon or Acquia hosting but do not have a local instance for development.
Drupal site builders and developers who currently use core search, Google search, or the Drupal ApacheSolr module (rather than Search API) for their projects. 
Anyone using Drupal core Search for their sites and is unhappy with the results.

Prerequisites For This Session 
You should have experience with Drupal 7 site building with Views and be comfortable at the command line.