Florida Drupalcamp 2015
Parent Track: 
Development & Performance

Part of what makes Drupal a successful platform is the power it puts into the hands of editorial teams and product teams. That flexibility is what draws people to Drupal as a platform, and the work described here is an attempt to make the platform even more accessible.

The Presentation Framework built for the weather.com project facilitated rapid feature velocity while leveraging the skills of their teams at every level. Their front-end developer teams have the ability to implement extensions of the existing functionality without having to learn Drupal’s APIs, all within a highly structured platform that still enforces a consistent and stable system. Meanwhile their editorial teams can do the work they need to, creating and modifying not just content but layouts, all within a single interface.

This session will explore in detail the architecture of this system, how it was a good compromise for this use case from the burgeoning idea of a truly “headless” system, and how other developers can benefit from the lessons we learned during its implementation.