Florida Drupalcamp 2015
Parent Track: 
Project Management and Consulting

In August 2014, the City of Tampa government relaunched their public facing site in Drupal, with the help of Big Couch Media.

This session will cover the journey from taking a site with thousands of unique files and pages into one streamlined, easy to use, responsive governmental website. Areas we plan on discussing:

  • Background on the previous version of the City of Tampa's website and the challenges in migration
  • The architectural planning needed to ensure everything went to it's proper spot, especially amongst political and legal requirements unique to government
  • How we created a work flow for the 50+ daily content contributors to the site, while still allowing them optimal flexibility and control over their content and permissions
  • The tools used to handle proper scaling for a highly trafficked site like the City of Tampa's
  • Other unique challenges and quirks in such a large project, and tips & tricks we can recommend for others getting involved in building governmental sites.

Presenters include Adam Varn & John Studdard of Big Couch Media, Giovana Mancito from the City of Tampa and others from their staff.

Our audience is anyone looking to handle large scale migrations of sites into Drupal, those interested in the things Drupal can offer to governmental sites, and anyone interested in the architecturing of a site with specific restrictions.