Florida Drupalcamp 2015
Parent Track: 
Site Building

By D-Raps & K-Totts


This session will be an overview of the best practices and different ways to use the Panels module (and it’s sub-modules). We will cover all the features that Panels ships with, the different approaches you might take to using panels for your Drupal site, and other Panels add-on modules that can enhance Panels even further.

This will be targeted at folks who are familiar with general Drupal concepts but have not used Panels before, but even if you have used basic Panels you still might find some new ways to use Panels and other related goodies!

Overview of Topics we will (attempt to) cover:

  1. What is Panels, and why is it awesome?
  2. Ok, I want to use Panels! There are lots of options though, how do I know where to start?
    • GOOD: Panel nodes
    • BETTER: Panel Pages (with variants)
    • BEST: Panelized content types, with the option to panelize individual nodes
  3. Are there more Panels goodies I should know about?
    • Panels In-Place Editor
    • Mini-Panels
    • Panels Everywhere
    • Classy Panel Styles
    • Panels Theme Override