Florida Drupalcamp 2015
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Site Building
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There's lots of exciting changes under the hood for Drupal 8. Symphony components, objects, plugins...but how does this all matter to site builders?

Join Tess Flynn for this two part hands-on lab on Drupal 8 core internals for site builders. You'll get your first taste of the 8.x, and relate it to all the huge changes you've been hearing about. After installation, we'll structure content with new field types in core. Then, we'll dive into the new Configuration Management system to export and migrate your custom structures and settings. We'll see how new "features" modules can be written with only a few clicks and a few lines of code (trust us, it's easy!). Then we'll see how Twig and the new theme layer affects site builders and theming decisions.

Who's afraid of D8? Not us.