Florida Drupalcamp 2015
Parent Track: 
Site Building

This presentation will focus on a one-click approach to creating migrations in D7 from a CSV file without having to write any code. Specifically, it will cover these topics:

- Traditional "code approach": Loading content from a CSV file using Migrate 2.6+ in D7. (with custom migration modules for articles and pages)
- The no code content migration approach will be discussed using a new D7 module in the works: Contentin

The Contentin module dynamically registers a migration (in the Migration Dashboard) from CSV file. Currently, a new helper module called Contentout is being used to produce the hierarchical CSV file (preserves field:subfield, multi-value fields, provides indexing, etc.) that the Contentin module can use to register migrations.

The Contentin module is dependent on the Migrate 2.6+ module, but the Contentout module is not.  Presentation slides: http://www.slideshare.net/hectoriribarne/drupal-7-no-code-content-migration