Florida Drupalcamp 2015
Parent Track: 
Site Building

The ability to create as many content types and fields as needed seems to be one of Drupal’s best characteristics. Got a special use case? Create a new content type! And another one, and another! Or add more fields! Unfortunately, that approach can lead to architecture that is rigid and confusing, especially for content editors and clients. Why not challenge that model and use a single content type?

This session is a case study of Any Page, our version of a single-content-type structure, that illustrates:

  • Why standard IA models lead to complex content type structures.
  • How to focus on content organization rather than content types.
  • What fields to include in a single-content type model.
  • How to use Entity Construction Kit to create reusable building blocks.
  • Why content editors love Inline Entity Forms.
  • Alternative models for tagging.
  • The life cycle of a page, or how an Announcement can become an Event, then change to a Resource Page.
  • Roadblocks, shortcomings, and how Any Page 2.0 will be different.